December 11, 2023

Cool and Casual, MAC’s bright Peach royal Sunset Powder blush begs To Be worn Beachside

That’s MAC royal Sunset blush ($21) on my cheeks…
Judging by its name, MAC’s royal Sunset blush could have gone the route of princess tiaras/tiny sandwiches/stuffy tweed, but instead it took a detour on High Tea street toward beach Boho Babe Avenue.

Introducing Her royal Highness, MAC royal Sunset Powder blush ($21)…
Bright on cheeks and surprisingly playful, royal Sunset builds to an intensely amazing coral flush. Of the three blushes in the MAC All about Orange collection, I think it’s the brightest, smoothest (in terms of texture) and the coolest in terms of tone.


It’s the kind of blush I’d wear to a low-key beach wedding, one where the guests and wedding party are barefoot and dogs are running around in bow ties (yippee!).

Casual and fun, know what I mean?

Royal Sunset blush on my NC 42 skin

I think of royal Sunset as the sleeper hit of the collection’s blush crew. Not to say that it’s in any way boring. just that I had no idea it would be this bold and bright based on how it looks in the pan.


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

On skin, it downright sizzles.

I actually wore it out last night. El Hub and I went to a very uncharacteristic mid-week movie. Uncharacteristic because we don’t usually stay out so late on work nights.

But we did, and it was grand! We saw now You See Me (thought it was pretty good, too). I wore royal Sunset with my hair in messy waves, slapped on a couple coats of mascara and slicked double happiness Cremesheen on my lips.

Then I let El Hub think that the flush on my cheeks was entirely due to his company, which it mostly was, but…ya know. The blush helped a little.


PRICE: $21 for a 0.21-ounce pan
AVAILABILITY: available now at MAC counters and also online
MAKEUP and beauty blog RATING: A- (it’s bright, baby!)


Ваши дружественные соседские красоты наркомана,


Слияние blush Baller status if you ever wear blush with lush lashes, glossy lips, beachy waves (or a messy bun), a maxi dress and big hoops!

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