December 11, 2023

For Long, Lush, Lifted Lashes, try the cool Brush: new Lancome Grandiose Mascara

new Lancome Grandiose Mascara, $32
Yo, is Cyberdyne Systems engineering mascaras now? since whatever about Lancome’s new Grandiose Mascara ($32, offered in one shade, Noir) says, “BEHOLD! I am from the future, primitive bipedal creature, as well as I am right here to rewrite mascara history as we understand it! I mean…as you understand it, since I already understand it, of course, so I’m referring to you. As YOU understand it… That’s what I implied to say. Oh, never mind!”

The incredibly strange rounded neck as well as tapered tube, the black increased silhouetted on the side — it’s as if an advanced synthetic intelligence established what we humans were as well daft to figure out.


It’s all extremely sci-fi, if you ask me.

Lancome Grandiose Mascara, $32
The function of this mascara’s programming is quite obvs. The cool brush. Lancome states they spent three years establishing a clean that might get every last lash — even the hard-to-reach buggers that hide in the inner as well as outer corners — as well as coupling it with a formula for a dramatic, fanned lash look with great deals of length, volume as well as curl.

Inside the box, there’s even a relatively comprehensive schematic demonstrating wand positions as well as clean flips, which may or may not leave you feeling as though you’re about to attempt brain surgical treatment (or develop a cupboard from Ikea).


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас


Right off the bat, I will state that I do believe this mascara delivers the goods. I state that since I instantly notice a difference in lash volume, length as well as lift after a single coat, as well as my lashes are naturally quite average. Not especially long, curly or thick.

Despite my lash curler somewhat unwinding the curl (boo), my fringe still looks long, rich as well as lifted (yay!). The lashes really get so long that the ends clean up against the lenses of my glasses, which is a unusual accomplishment round these parts.

And after a full day of wear, about 10-12 hours, my lower lash line stays smudge-free, as well as I don’t see any type of flakes. All great things.

Before as well as after a single coat
That said, I believe this stuff might utilize some minor tweaking in the meaning as well as separation departments. You may want to keep a lash comb useful when you wear it, since I’ve discovered that my lashes will group together in twos as well as threes unless I run a comb with them. Also, things do begin to get a bit untidy after much more than two coats.

С гущевой массой Mac для масштаба
As for that swan-neck wand, eh, it’s OK. It’s simple sufficient to use, as well as it does seem to reach into the corners well, however it doesn’t strike me away.


In other words, I wouldn’t phone call it a revelation. Don’t expect your side-swept bangs to be blown back or anything. I believe I might just as quickly get into those areas with a routine clean as well as wand.

PRICE: $32
AVAILABILITY: offered now at Lancome counters, Sephora as well as on the internet at
MAKEUP as well as charm blog RATING: B+ (sure, it’s got game, however it’s likewise expensive, as well as that clean seems kinda gimmicky)

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